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. Português .
Grupo exclusivo para furres, animais, criaturas místicas e nekos, do "Second Life".
Se você não se enquadra no tema leia a regra 3.1ª, "O que você pode fazer se você não está no tema do grupo".
Leia "About Us" para mais informação.

. English .
Group exclusive for furries, animals, mystic creatures and nekos, from "Second Life".
If you not fit in the theme read the rule 3.1ª, "What you can do if you not in the theme".
Read "About Us" to more info.

Second Life >.>

!!! Ponha na pasta certa . Submit to the right Folders!!!

"Vida Social Life"

Se quiser mostrar a si mesmo, alguem, como é sua vida ou de algum conhecido seu no Second Life. Suas novas roupas, acessórios e cabelos. Ponha sua imagem aqui, não em "Modificados".

If you just want to show yourself, someone, how is your life, or of someone in Second Life. Your clothing, accessories and/or hair. Put your snapshot in this folder, no in "Mods".

"Mods . Modificados"

Se você fez alterações que deixaram seu avatar diferente dos outros, mudou suas cores originais, e/ou usou partes de outros avatares, aqui é um bom lugar para por suas imagens.
Se você apenas comprou várias roupas e/ou acessorios, pode colocar na pasta "Vida Social Life".

If you have made changes that have let your avatar different from others, changed their original colors, and/or used parts of other avatars, here is a good place to put your images.
If you just bought several clothing, accessories and/or hair, you can put in the "vida Social Life."

"Nosso Mundo Second Life Our World"

Se quiser mostrar algum lugar que você gosta dentro do Second Life, aqui é o lugar.

If you want to show somewhere that you like within Second Life, here is the place.

"Efeitos em Fotos . Photo Effects"

Se você apenas editou as imagens, para mostrar suas habilidades no uso de programa para manipular imagems. Você pode posta sua imagem aqui.

If you only edited the snapshots to show their skills in using software to manipulate imagems.
You can put your snapshot here.

Gallery Folders

1920`s fun by timberfox15
the artist by timberfox15
rocker bunny II by timberfox15
rocker bunny I by timberfox15
Vida Social Life

Mature Content

Ready for the Races by RestrainedRaptor
Sarah Feline by sadsiren
the city guard by timberfox15
a rabbit with style by timberfox15
Criacoes . Builds
Second Life Promotion - Glowsticks Duo by RestrainedRaptor
Aeromorph _ Twin Otter _ prototype avatar by K4nK4n
His Master's Voice by truemouse
Doc's Ms. Lycanbota by truemouse
Criacoes . Digimon . Pokemon . "FOR Builders"
Starry kneeling on a bench by K4nK4n
Sylveon mod EP standing pony 20131022 by K4nK4n
Sylveon and Milotic mods 7 by K4nK4n
Nowan Mystiere _ Gardevoir on a bench by IndigoMystiere
Mods . Modificados
Completed Project: Jaya's Pencil Skirt by bwlupus
Flux Pony Revisited - feeding inspirations by mudslinger-ning
Flux Pony by mudslinger-ning
Flux Pony v2 by mudslinger-ning
Nosso Mundo Second Life Our World
Prehistorica in Second Life _ 20150629a by K4nK4n
Prehistorica in Second Life _ 20150629b by K4nK4n
Prehistorica in Second Life _ 20150629c by K4nK4n
Prehistorica in Second Life _ 20150629d by K4nK4n
Eventos . Events

Mature Content

Bayu Hijau - Second Life portraits teaser by K4nK4n
Deviantart Group Icon for #Second-Life-Furries by mudslinger-ning
His Master's Voice halloween 2012 by truemouse
Flying Squirrel Revisted by truemouse
Quadrinhos . Comics . Contos . Stories

Mature Content

Maids mrs. Furry by Aksanka93
Cat and mouse 3 by Aksanka93
Cat and mouse 2 by Aksanka93

Mature Content

Girls games 69 by Aksanka93
Editorial, Efeitos em Fotos . Photo Effects
SL 94 by Aksanka93
SL MEME - Brace Yourselves... by mudslinger-ning
Me, My Alt and I by mudslinger-ning
Lynx by bwlupus
Criacoes . Builds . No Furry but by Furries
Christmas Ride by truemouse


The Survivor _ 05 by IndigoMystiere
The Survivor _ 04 by IndigoMystiere
The Survivor _ 03 by IndigoMystiere
The Survivor _ 02 by IndigoMystiere







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megamanfan43 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2017
Hello! I have just joined Second life and this group! I may not have a fur avatar yet but I hope to get one.
Carolzilla Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
And that's fine, but just letting you know that this group isn't that active xD

However I hope you have fun on SL and get the av you want!
megamanfan43 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2017
thanks. well I'm still getting use to it. 
LucierdaLovesU Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016
Is this group still active?
Carolzilla Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm still here but not too sure about the owner, for submissions it needs votes from all the mods from the group which is me and him :V
Well, I am really trying to promote my work and this is the only SL furry group on dA.
Pandrine Featured By Owner Edited Apr 7, 2017
In 2012 I did a journal asking people to be constributors. People cloud post more works and vote to aprove art posted here.


The group had 60 member in that year. But only one persn contacted me to it and no one of the ones that often posted art here and no one even did comment there n the journal.

To be true, have only one person in DA hat still talk with me and he aren't in.
Pandrine Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2017
I know I am not here but.. this is the only SL Furry group in DA?
Carolzilla Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I see, I need to try to talk with the owner about the voting system on the submissions
Pandrine Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2015
I think I have been away since September?
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